DFM RICH 2010 ≥


Product is designed specifically for the white colored Pick-Up models. Contributes unique sport luxury styling when combined with Anatolia Diamond White Side Step and White Proguard Rollbar.
Product is combined with 2 aluminium cross bar and sold as a complete set.
With its perfect aerodynamic structure and injected aluminium heads it completely fits to the vehicle and provides easy and fast installation.It can be installed strongly and long lasting with both sticking and screwing on the car thanks to its injected aluminium heads. It is the most reliable and strongest product suitable for sticking compared with all other roof rails for Pick-Ups.

  • Loading Capacity: 100 kg.
  • Package Dimensions: 18*38*159 (cm)
  • Installation: Screwing / Sticking
  • Raw Materilas: Injected aluminum, extruded aluminum, PVC,rubber
  • Color Alternatives: Black / Polished/ White/ Grey/ Polished
  • Target Vehicle Group: Pick-Up Trucks


  • Designed for white colored Pick Up models, contributes unique sport luxury styling and provides integrated visibility. Strongly recommended to be combined with Anatolia Diamond White Side Step and White Proguard Rollbar.
  • Manufactured from 60 mm extruded aluminum pipe combined with injected aluminum product heads, connection parts, cross bars which are painted to white color with electrostatic method and gasket system.
  • Installation of the product is fast and easy thanks to special designed head moulds and special gasket system the product fits perfectly to each car it is applied.
  • Most of the pick-up models do not have the original hole on their roof. To adhere the product on the car is generally preferred way of installation. It is recommended to use glass silicone to adhere the product.
  • Injected aluminum heads provides perfect and long lasting adhering thanks to its light and robust structure. Injected aluminum is the most reliable and strongest material could be used for the product heads which installed to the car with adhering.
  • There are screwing points on the product heads. For screwing the product to the car it is recommended to drill the roof of the car with riveted screws then install the product from these holes.
  • The product is recommended to be used only for visibility if it is installed with adhering.


I.Disclaimer for Voyager Products

Voyager products are designed to be sold as decorative accessories, and should not be relied upon
as protection for both passengers and vehicle. The buyer assumes all risk and liability whatsoever resulting from the use of said products. There are limitations to the severity of impact that the products sold herein can withstand and the products are not a substitute for safe and careful driving.

II.Care & Cleaning

Although products are made with high quality raw materials which are designed to provide maximum weathering protections, they may be affected negatively by environmental conditions. By following regular care and maintenance it will ensure maximum level of protection and good external appearance. Weekly periodic cleaning is recommended depending on the weather and environmental conditions.

Care and Cleaning Guidelines

  • Rinse the product in order to remove the dirt and dusts stuck on the surface with warm water.
  • Use a soft, dampened sponge or cloth to clean. Never use abrasive material like a bristle brush or scouring pad.
  • The preferred cleaner is one that does not contain chlorine, such as acetone, methyl alcohol, and mineral spirits. Use neutral cleaner cleaners compounded from phosphates, alkalis such as liquid soaps and mild detergent. Do not allow cleaners to sit or soak on the product. Always test your cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area on the product before applying it to the entire surface. These can be used with warm water, bristle brushes, sponges, or clean cloths.
  • Rinse the surface completely with water immediately after applying cleaners and than dry it by wiping with soft cloths to prevent streaking. Special care should be taken to remove any traces of cleaner from edges and joins.


  • For aluminum surfaces synthetic soft cleaning materials sigh as liquid soap are recommended. Avoid allowing aluminum to scrape against hard or sharp surfaces. Aggressive alkaline or acid cleaners must never be used on anodized aluminum surfaces.
  • Be cautious about using chemical solvents, caustic or abrasive cleaners (scouring powders, steel wool, abrasive polishes, etc.) as they may permanently scratch aluminum; painted or anodized aluminum surfaces will be permanently damaged. Test solvent first if the aluminum is painted to be sure it doesn't also remove the paint
  • Do not use a metal scraper or abrasive pad. Excessive abrasive rubbing should not be used since it could damage the surface.
  • Cleaning hot, sun-heated surfaces should be avoided since possible chemical reactions will be highly accelerated and cleaning non-uniformity could occur.

III.Transportation & Handling

  • The products should be delivered with their original packaging.Although the packages are prepared with high resistant raw materials handling and transportation of the products should be made in carefull. They should not be thrown quickly, bump to each other.
  • The products should be submitted after the package has been opened and checked. If there is any bend, scracth or any of damage on the product damage report should be prepared with the responsible person from the trasporter company and than they should be submitted.
  • The damages during handling or transportation are not covered.


Installation should be made according to installation manual.

Installation Cautions

  • The position of the gasket is written on the gasket check and use the right gasket under the right product head.

Installation with Screws

  • For the vehicles which don’t have original holes on the roof before screwing the product on the car put the product on the roof, sign the screwing points on the car and install the product from the signed points with riveted bolts.
  • Before tighten the screws check and set the product to the right position.

Installation with Adhering

  • For adhere the product on the car it is recommended to use glass silicone.
  • Before adhere the product on the car put the product on the roof, sign the adhere points on the car and adhere the product from the signed points.