There is always a better option.

To produce only the products will be proud by blending know-how and technology .This is the most important value that enlightens our path on the way to produce the better all the time.

Quality is not a promise for VOYAGER, it is a life style. Our source of desire to provide total quality in design, production, human resources, customer services, is our principal of sustainable development.

Our aim is to sustain the credibility and leadership of Voyager in Turkey and to become a worldwide preferred brand.


Since the day it was established, Köylücü Automotive has pursued the principle of high quality in products and customer service.

KÖYLÜCÜ Automotive was established in Ankara in 1967, starting with the production of spare parts. In 2001 the company started producing accessories for vans, minivans, 4x4 and pick-ups with the brand VOYAGER.

Today the company runs the operations in total production area 8000 m² with the world wide valid certificates of ISO 9001-2008 and TSE according to its policies of high quality standards.

In addition to visuality, Voyager Automotive gives high importance to functionality and also durability of the products.

Voyager Automotive is the leading and innovative company in Turkey, thanks to main company principle of high quality in products, original designs and customer satisfaction. In addition to domestic market Voyager Automotive exports its products worldwide 19 different countries.